Saturn 3
Payment Demo
Saturn - Web Payment Demo
This application is a demo of version 3 of the Saturn payment authorization scheme.  Saturn depends on a native "Wallet" application.  Primary Saturn features include:
  • Fully decentralized operation (no dependency on central registries like in 3D Secure)
  • Digitally signed messages enable a protocol-level security comparable to a payment terminal and EMV card in a physical shop
  • Encryption hides customer data from merchants, eliminating the need for third-party "tokenization" services as well as supporting GDPR
  • Private messaging through the payment backend makes it easy applying RBA (Risk Based Authentication) for high-value or "suspicious" transactions
  • Equally applicable for legacy card payment networks as for bank-2-bank schemes including SEPA SCT
  • In addition to supporting Web payments, Saturn is also intended to be usable in traditional payment scenarios including with POS terminals and gas pumps using an NFC/BLE connection to the Wallet
  • JSON based messaging
  • Consumers only deal with payment instruments visualized as cards (like they did before the Web)
For testing you need the Android version of the Wallet software.
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JSFJSON Signature Format
JEFJSON Encryption Format
YASMINJSON Message Scheme
KeyGen2Wallet Credential Enrollment Protocol
SKSWallet Credential Store